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Yoga Teacher, Therapist and Teacher’s trainer


Manjaree’s studies of Western and Indian Psychology; has become an asset in helping study human nature and behavior. On completion of her 1st course “Yoga for Better Living” she has been practicing yoga and living yogic life-style since 1974.


She is a qualified and registered yoga teacher and therapist in Canada. She has received her training at world’s well-known and recognized schools from India; The Yoga Institute Mumbai, Sivananda Ashram, Ramakrishna Mission-Vedanta Society, Aurobindo Ashram- Indian Psychology Institute: for comparative studies in relation to the school’s mission, special teachings and its impact on modern life-style! Thus overall, she has received her extensive training from six of the best yoga schools (1974 – 2010). She has specialized in yoga therapeutics. She has come up with a wide range of techniques to teach yoga from its most simplified version to the traditional one. She works on prevention and curative aspect by providing a healthy life-style: physical wellness and mental well-being by cultivating positive attitudes.


Whether it is a posture, breathing technique, relaxation techniques or meditation, Manjaree will find the best way to help you through Yoga for ‘A Better and Healthy living!’ With the grace and blessings of her teachers, she offers Yoga Teacher Training program. She is a Lifetime member of International Board of Yoga and former member of F.O.Y.T. / OYT since 1994.








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