Text Box: Services

Yoga Sessions / Workshops:


q  Children – 6 – 17, Adults – 18 – 55

q  Seniors: 55+ including wheel chair users

q  Teacher’s Training: 200Hrs and 500Hrs

q  Health Camps

q  Corporate Workshops



Therapy Session for:


· Cardiac Problems             · Blood Pressure                · Cholesterols                            

· Hyper Tension                 · Asthma                         · Bronchitis

· Allergy                           · Stress Management         · Diabetes

· Constipation                    · Colitis                            · Acidity 

· Ulcer                             · Gastritis                         · Arthritis

· Scoliosis                         · Gout                              · Fibromyalgia

· Chronic Back pain            · Insomnia                        · Depression

· Pre & Post-natal               · Menopause                     · Geriatric Problems

And many more…….



Library & Research Projects:


Our Library Books, Magazines, slides, CDs, DVDs and other literature on Indian Philosophy and Yoga is available to our members and Students only. (Yearly membership required)


Yoga Tours & Retreats: (India and Indian subcontinent)


· Our services to: first time traveler · single traveler · small group ·  custom made itineraries

· Escorted group tours by a yoga teacher


Manjaree has traveled extensively all over India. She has visited most major Yoga schools, Ashrams, Institutes and Universities where Yoga has been taught: as a subject; a short term course, certificate course or Yoga teachers training full time program.


Her first experience as a tour escort was way back in 1986! She has covered adventure, spiritual and yoga & Ayurveda tours. With her personal experiences and opportunities to study at various Yoga schools, her itineraries are well balanced covering major Yoga schools, site seeing and places of interest as per individual’s interest and need. The tours are arranged with comfort, enough room for self exploration and free time!


The tours are offered to suite every need one tourist or visitor can think of!

§  A complete package with YTTC program   200 Hours and 500 Hours recognized internationally   




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